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We are breeders of CKC registered Dalmatians. We show our Dalmatians in Canada and the US and although we don’t often participate in performance events ourselves due to time constraints, a lot of the dogs bred by us compete and do very well in Obedience, Rally Obedience and Agility. We travel a lot during the year to participate in Dalmatian Regional Specialties and every year we attend the Dalmatian Club of America Specialty to compete with over 400 other Dalmatians from all over North America.

We breed according to the CKC Breed standard for Dalmatians and all of our breeding dogs are screened and health tested and obtain their CHIC certification (see explanation below) through the Orthopedic foundation of Animals. All of our dogs are tested and screened for Thyroid disease, Hip Dysplasia, Hearing tested and Eye clearances. When the opportunity arises we obtain extra clearances like Cardiac Screening and Elbow clearances.

All of our puppies are born in our home and exposed and socialized to ensure they will grow up to be happy and healthy Dalmatians. The are all hearing tested, vaccinated and Microchiped before going to their new homes. Puppies are temperament tested and carefully selected to ensure the puppy is the right fit for your family.

I am proud to be an American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit, President of the Dalmatian Club of Canada, President of the Fredericton Kennel Club, Member of the Dalmatian Club of America and Board member of the Dalmatian Club of Southern New England.

Carola Adams

What is the CHIC Certification Program?

The OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) created the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) by partnering with participating parent clubs to research and maintain information on the health issues prevalent in specific breeds. We’ve established a recommended protocol for breed- specific health screenings. Dogs tested in accordance with that protocol are recognized with a CHIC number and certification.

At OFA, we recognize that the more information stored and accessible in these databases, the better it will be for every breed. And so we encourage all breeders to attain CHIC Certification if their breed participates in the CHIC program.

A dog achieves CHIC Certification if it has been screened for every disease recommended by the parent club for that breed.