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Introduction to Dalmatians

The Dalmatian is a medium sized, smooth coated breed of working and sporting heritage, suitable as a family pet or performance animal. He is an intelligent dog, devoted to his owner(s), moderately territorial though not blatantly aggressive, and pleasant to live with. His most unique feature, his spots, are either black or chocolate brown, which is properly termed ""liver"". He is clean by nature and has little, if any, ""doggy odor"". His short coat does shed almost year around; regular brushing with a currycomb outdoors helps minimize shedding.

Dalmatians are a hardy breed and their day-to-day upkeep does not involve a lot of fussing. They do best in a household situation and indeed will do poorly if left outside on a chain or otherwise ignored. They are a people orientated breed, and they bask in love and attention of their owners. Also, with their short coat, they tend to be sensitive to extreme heat and cold. Common sense should indicate when your Dalmatian has ""had enough"" and should come in.

Dalmatians thrive in almost any type of residence. The Dalmatian''s first concern is that he be with ""his"" people, whether in an apartment, a townhouse, a single family home or a farm, the object being that he have proper exercise and nutrition. Dalmatians are very active dogs, and if left to their own devices, are capable of wandering far from home. The dog should always be under some kind of control, either on a leash or behind a fence.

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