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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the average life span of the Dalmatian?

With Proper care, your Dalmatian could live as long as 15 or 16 years. The average life span is between 11 and 13 years.


2. Is the Dalmatian good with children?

Normally, yes. Of course, children must be taught to treat the dog kindly and not to overtax a puppy with constant play, but the average Dalmatian is tolerant and affectionate with children. Very young toddlers do, however, run the risk of being knocked over, or swatted with a wagging tail.


3. How big will my Dalmatian grow to be?

Dalmatian’s range in size form about 19” to 24” at the shoulder, or about knee-height to an adult person. Depending on height, your Dalmatian will weigh anywhere from 45 to 60 Lbs. when full grown.


4. How much does a Dalmatian eat?

An adult Dalmatian will eat from 3 to 5 cups of dog food per day. Puppies eat smaller amounts more often because they are growing. You should feed your own dog whatever amount keeps him looking nice and lean. The quality of the food you buy is very important. Dalmatians tend to do much better on a Vegetarian formula or a Lamb and rice Formula. Check with the breeder to see what has worked well for their Dalmatians. We generally suggest to stay away from treats and dog food that contain a lot of beef. Beef contains a lot of protein, which predisposes dogs to skin and urine problems.


5. What is the difference between the black-spotted and the liver-spotted varieties?

From the standpoint of pet ownership or showing, there is no difference: it is all a matter of your own color preference. Many people who think they have their hearts set on buying a black spotted Dalmatian fall in love with a liver one when they see it; the deep brown spots are very attractive. For breeding purposes, the two colors are interbreedable. Black is the dominant color and liver the recessive color. This means that a black-spotted dog can carry the liver gene and produce liver puppies when bred to a liver or to another ”liver-factored” black dog. Two blacks, which do not carry the liver gene, will always produce only black puppies. Due to the genetic mechanics involved between dominant and recessive, litters that are mixed for color (some black-spotted pups, some liver-spotted pups) are very common.


6. Should I buy a male or a female Dalmatian?

As far as personality differences between the sexes, the Dalmatian as a breed has all different kinds of temperament and each dog is an individual. There are no hard and fast correlation’s between one sex or the other as regards to affection, aggression or docility. Much of your dogs personality will depend upon how you raise him or her, what you expect, encourage or discourage in terms of behavior, and the kind of environment the dog experiences. So, in many ways, it is a toss-up.


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