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Dog Boarding
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Dog Boarding

Our Facility has 34 boarding spots, these are divided up in 3 sizes, a quiet room for our smaller and/or older dogs,
spacious 4x4 indoor runs with attached outdoor runs,
and for our multiple dog families, spacious 4x6 indoor runs, with attached outdoor runs.
All of our indoor runs feature a privacy panel, so each dog can have their own private space.

We also offer dog walks, and we have two large exercise yards available.
If your dog is a friendly with other dogs,
he/she can also participate in our Doggy Daycare Program.

Bowls, Food, Blankets and Treats are available, but you are more than welcome to bring your own
blankets, food, toys and treats from home.
Any Medication can be easily continued while boarding with us.
Please note, and extra charge may apply.
All dogs boarding with us must have proof off annual vaccinations,
including Kennel Cough and must be free of internal and external parisites.

Our Goal at our Facility is for your pet to have the best possible experience while staying with us.
We feel we accomplish this by our quality and intimate care.
We are a smaller facility, with no hired staff and so our clients and thier dogs really get to know us on a personal level.
We love dogs and it is our biggest joy of the day to see the dogs
all exited and happy to greet us when they come in to the yard!
We treat all our dogs like family, because that is just what this is, a family business!!

Our Hours of Operation are Monday through Friday 8 AM to 6 PM,
Saturday 8 AM to 5 PM and Sundays and Holidays 4-6 PM only.

(Please check with us for Christmas Season operating hours)

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